Crystal Thayer Interview

1.  Before we get into your scene, tell readers how you got into the Adult Industry? It all started when I was 18 years old. I moved out on my own and needed some extra money so I started doing webcam modeling. Soon after, I was interested in filming for gay porn studios. I did gay porn for a few months, took a break from the industry to start my transition, then applied for Grooby’s femout out site at the beginning of 2018, and that’s where everything REALLY started. 

2.  How did you come up with the name Crystal Thayer”?  Thayer was the name of one of my favorite characters from this TV show I used to watch as a teenager. My best friend’s name is Crystal and her and I look very similar so I kind of used her name. 

3.  Before your scene had you ever seen Ramon Porn or knew who he was? Thoughts? I’ve seen Ramon in so many scenes before working with him and it was kinda surreal working with him because I’ve been seeing him in adult films for so long. Of course, his big cock is very hard to forget! 

4.  How was it working with Director Josh Stone?Josh Stone is amazing!
He that I looked great on camera. 

5.  Give readers a tease recap if they haven’t seen your hardcore with Ramon?  Well, all I’m going to say is, if you want to see me get stretched out and fucked by a really enormous cock, this is the scene to watch! 

Crystal Thayer and Ramon

6.  What was your favorite part of the scene? Getting fucked, of course! Filming the sex was so hot and I was surprised I could take Ramon’s dick like that! 

7.  What makes a good scene partner? A good scene partner is very respectful and also very patient with the model, and also goes out of their way to make their partner comfortable and try to have a connection before the scene. For me, it’s so important to break the ice before filming so there’s no so many nerves so any scene partner who think that same way, is a great scene partner for me. 

8.  How would you describe your sexuality? I am very much pansexual. 

9.  In your Adult career what would be your most proud moment so far and why? My proudest moment in my career so far would be winning a TEA. This was my third year in a row nominated, but the first year I won and it was such a proud moment for me. It showed me to never give up, and hard work does pay off. 

10.  What turns you on and off? My turn ons would be intense making out, touching and being dominated. My turn offs would be bad hygiene and just not feeling respected. 

11.  What makes you feel sexy? Give us all the details!A lot of things make me feel sexy. A fresh manicure and pedicure will always make a girl feel sexy. A great hair day with long curls and nice glowy makeup… and off course sexy lingerie. 

12.  What Adult actor or actress would you love to do a scene with and why? Another girl I would love to do a scene with would be Khloe Kay or Angela White. They’re legends in this industry and also sooo hot! A guy I would love to perform with would be Ramon Nomar because of how dominating he is and his cock is gorgeous. 

13.  What social media sites and fan sites can fans find you on? Fans can find me on Twitter and Instagram @xcrystalthayerx and on Onlyfans at

14.  If Josh could direct you in your next scene what would be a dream scenario, cast, wardrobe and location? My dream scene would be maybe a little more extreme. I’d love to do a threesome or a scene getting tag teamed by two guys with big cocks. I’d love to be dressed in something cutesy like pasted colors with garters and like a fur cover up. Anything where it’s like the sexy girl next door turns into a slut for the neighbors…. It would be so hot!