Interview: Casey Kisses

Interview by Wendy Williams!
1.  When did you first start to Identify as Transgendered?
I’ve always felt like a woman, for as long as I can remember at least.  I first came out to my sister at the age of 8 as gay.  I wrote her a letter telling her I felt like a woman and must be gay.  She been a pillar of support and my bff since forever.


2.  How would you describe your sexuality?
I’ve always identified as gay and have not put much thought into it,  I just like to have fun.  But being a trans woman and dating a trans woman is gay by anyone’s standards.


3.  What type of Porn do you watch?
I like to watch amateur clips of bbc topping bottoms.  I think it’s hot when a straight guy has a cock up his ass.


4.  What made you decide to get into the Adult Industry?
I did my first two scenes in hopes of funding the beginning of my transition, which really helped out. I didn’t plan to return but was requested numerous times and finally gave in and started having a blast.


5.  Who was your first professional shoot for and tell us how it went and how you felt after wards?
Actually my very first shoot was for next door twinks.   Although I was battling with gender dysphoria at the time, everyone made my visit so pleasant and I enjoyed my stay in San Francisco.


6.  You are a very popular webcam model on Chaturbate, besides the financial aspect why do you like to cam?
I’m a natural born exhibitionist, I was Skyping with boy friends way before I started camming and had so much fun. I was in awe when I found out I could make money doing it.


7.  How important is social media to you?
I love it. If it were not for social media platforms like twitter and Instagram I would not have had as many opportunities as I’ve been presented with.  I wouldn’t have met my girlfriend and wouldn’t be doing Porn at all.  I love interacting with fans as well as the good feed back I receive.


8.  What social media sites can fans follow or find you on?
I’m currently on onlyfans, twitter, tumblr, and instagram under the user name caseykissesxoxo. I also have a many vids under the user name Caseykisses.


9.  2017 was a major break out for you as a performer, why do you think Casey became a in-demand performer?
My cock was the in the briefcase in the movie pulp fiction. That and my pretty smile.


10.  Your girlfriend is the gorgeous Korra Del Rio, how hard is it to date a fellow performer and how do you ladies separate business from personal when it comes to jealous, egos, etc?
It’s hard at times, like any couple I’m sure. We do have an added stress of being in the public eye but we don’t let that get to us. We are best friends before anything, being girlfriends is secondary.


11.  You star and produce content for, what type of scenes can fans expect or an upcoming projects?
I actually have a site with transerotica that is in the works and will be my main solo site.  You can expect just about anything from me subbing to being a verbal dominant top, and cum filled solos.  I’m very open minded and love to hear new ideas as well.


12.  You are nominated for many awards for AVNXBIZ, Transgendered Erotica Awards and ManyVids this year.  What is your thoughts on awards and being recognized for your work?
I was also nominated for, and won, top trans cam model in the 2018 adult web cam awards this year.  I think that these award ceremonies are awesome opportunity’s for good exposure for every one in this industry.  And I’m super happy to be a part of it all.  Winning would be incredible but being a part of the entire experience is really surreal and awesome within its self.


13.  Any performers you really want to work with in 2018 and why? 
I don’t really have a list of performers on hand, but am excited to meet new people and make new connections with models I have yet to work with.


14.  What would you like to say to your fans who have supported you thus far in your booming career?
Thank you all for being  part of my life and supporting me.  This past two years were some of the best years of my life. I’d give u each a hug if I could.


15.  Whats something that most people don’t know about you?
I was legally adopted by my grandmother, who raised and loves me so much! She’s my hero, and she gives the best hugs ever.