Interview: Colby Knight

  1. At such a young age, what made you get into the Adult Industry? I started when I was 18 and it sounded like a lot of fun, and I was needing some extra money. I started with nude photography and slowly moved to OnlyFans, there I fell in love with content creation and I eventually moved to working with multiple studios.

2. How did you come up with the name “Colby Knight”? Colby Knight is actually my real name and always has been! Not many people know that about me, at first I wanted to find a “pornstar name” but after thinking about it, I think keeping my unique name has helped me grow.

3. How is it living in a rural area and being Transsexual? I grew up in East TN in a town with less than 2000 people so I am used to being judged for who I am. Where I’m at now is much better for me as a trans woman for opportunities, dating, etc.

4. How would you describe your sexuality? I am bisexual/pansexual! I use both terms depending on context.

5. What type of Porn (if you watch it) do you watch?  Any favorite Performers? I watch a huge variety of porn! I would say my top watched thing is Bi MMF threesomes!

6. If you could work with any Performer, who would it be and why? Pierce Paris for sure; he’s a very sweet man, respectful, great cock and a goofball!! I actually am scheduled to film with him here soon!

7. What is a casual day like for you? A casual day when I am not filming is very relaxing!! I am extremely introverted at times and I love all things nerdy! Video games, anime, and I adore cooking for others.

8. What makes you feel sexy? Nothing makes me feel sexier than having my hair and nails done, doing my makeup, and lingerie of course!

9. What social media sites can fans find you on? I am on Twitter and Instagram both @ColbyKOfficial

10. Tell us your OnlyFans URL and what can subscribers expect if they join? You can expect lots of solo content, toys, blowjob videos, sex videos(me topping and bottoming)

11. Sexually what turns you on and off? Almost everything turns me on to be honest! I am a switch, and a vers trans girl. Muscles are a huge thing for me. I am also a major people pleaser, so whatever gets you off, gets me off too!

12. Are you a sex toy type of girl?  If so, your favorite to use and why? I am a massive fan of sex toys!! My favorite at the moment has to be a vibrator a fan bought me recently, high powered, and makes me cum all over myself!:)

13. Any fun videos coming up or planning anything new? Right now I am planning a trip to Vegas in January to film over 15 scenes, so there is gonna be a lot of fun and exciting stuff coming up soon with some studios and well known performers.

14. What would your last meal be? My last meal would be Al Kabsa, a Middle Eastern food I grew up eating, so it’s very nostalgic.

15. What would you like to leave our readers with? I would like to just say, remember at the end of the day that I am just a human, not only someone for you to cum with online. I am someone’s daughter, someone’s friend. Treat your content creators with respect, there are lots of mental health issues within the industry as well as sexism, transphobia, misogyny, and overall disrespect at times. Wendy, I thank you for giving me this opportunity to do this interview, and thank you for paving the way so I can do everything that I do!