Kayleigh Coxx Interview

1.  How did you come up with the stage name Kayleigh Coxx?
I was sorta rushed into thinking of a name because I never really thought I would do porn as a living. I always thought if I chose something too different I would feel like some wannabe secret sex agent and wouldn’t be able to take it serious. So I chose something that referred to what I have! Cock! Coxx.
2.  What made you decide to get into the Adult Industry?
I had been encouraged to start doing porn by friends that were adamant webcammers. I thought it would be fun to try webcamming! It was. Shortly after Christian XXX reached out to me to do a scene and then it sorta took off from there. I would say I decided to pursue a career in porn when I realized how much fun I was having and how refreshing it was to have a job I loved no matter the taboo.
3.  Tell us about your very first Adult Scene.  Who was it for, how did it go down and how did you feel before and after?
My very first real adult scene was with Christian XXX. As for how it went, I think it went amazing. I couldn’t have asked for a better start, he was energized and an amazing performer. Even though he may be sort of an ass. Him in combination with Damien Cain really helped me kickstart technique in being a good performer for the camera, which isn’t as easy as it sounds.
4.  How would you describe your sexuality?
My sexuality is fairly open. I would say it’s definitely bi. I like men mostly as tops and I love to fuck pussy, so I do like cis women. I do also like trans women but it’s more rare. I tend to be attracted more to be someone who just in general wants to take care of me regardless of gender.
5.  When did you first start to notice or Identify you were actually Trans?
I would say the first indications that I was trans came at a very young age. 3-5yrs old. I was always dressing up in girls clothes even from that young of an age. I didn’t actually take any steps to transition until my 20s. There wasn’t the same understanding of genders from a parental standpoint as there is now. Even so I regret nothing I love my journey and wouldn’t give it up for anything. It’s what makes me who I am, for better or worse.
6.  The Trans Community has become very diverse and opinionated in the last few years, what is your thoughts on the words “shemale” and “tranny”?
I truthfully do not get offended when people use the term. I think that it defines a porno genre and it is simply a term of convenience. I think that it can be used in a negative light but that could be said about a lot of words and it is clear to tell the difference when someone is using it negatively.
7.  When watching Porn, what do turns you on the most?
I actually enjoy porn that is like captions or just simply pictures. I need to imagine the scene to be really into it. For movies I tend to watch cis straight porn of girls that I feel resemble my body type or occasionally older trans porn as that’s what I sort of grew up with.
8.  What social media sites can readers find you on?
I am most active on Twitter or Instagram.  Instagram even though SFW tends to have the most new content because I update it like a Snapchat story with what is going on that day in my life. Twitter is where you will find the newest pictures and links to my new pornos!
Twitter:  @kayleighcoxx84
9.  How important is social media to you?
I have sort of love/hate relationship with social media. There is sort of an image to maintain, which I’m very proud of and it sorta makes me a better person because I don’t spread negativity online as just a principal. Even if I’m upset because I understand that people might look at my porn/social media as an escape from their own lives. I hope that I can provide some entertainment too!
10.  If you could shoot your DREAM scene who and what would it be?
I’ve been lucky enough to work with almost everyone I’ve wanted to. The current dream scene would be like a DP with Dylan James & Chad White. Or a scene with Jason Luv & Ricky Johnson.  Maybe unrealistic but a girl can dream and have something to work towards.
11.  You recently shot for Trans500.com, tell us about the scene and how was it working with Producer Josh Stone?
I love Josh. Josh is very cute number one but to boot he’s a great guy and really knows how to work with models. You can tell he gets in the zone and visualizes a scene instead of asking you to provide the ENTIRE fantasy. Which as a producer is a great quality and for models that get to work with him–a blessing.
12.  What makes you feel pretty?
What makes me feel pretty is when I have everything done, my tan on, my hair in check, my makeup on fleek and an outfit I just got. But I also love when I get compliments on my looks even though I’m not wearing makeup or dressed slutty. It’s really reaffirming.
13.  Advice to fans on how to approach you on social media?
I do unfortunately miss some replies or messages, and even if I didn’t I still wouldn’t have time to reply to all of the messages. If you do reach out and say something especially nice chances are I will say something in reply. Asking to get my Snapchat or to just talk is not going to happen. I have many fans who’ve paid for that privilege and it would be extremely disrespectful to them if I didn’t honor that agreement. But please engage with me I do respond to genuine comments.
14.  Any fun upcoming projects or work to tease us with?
Ha well! There’s so much going on this month for me. Most of which I probably can’t talk about but the best hint I can give is I’m finally working for an amazing studio that flips the role I usually play with guys in a scene! People have been asking for this sort of scene for a LONG time.
15.  What would you like to leave us with?
Just would like to say thank you to Trans500 for doing a great job producing quality content which I had an opportunity to be apart of. And also a big thank you to all the fans, because you really are what keeps me going, helps me win awards, and literally makes me who I am! So keep jerking off to me and send me a tweet with that fat load 😋
Thank you!