Lisa Lovely Interview

1.  Tell us how you go into the Adult Industry?

Well, I first started out just making Videos on Xtube years ago under the screen name Rican Tranny. It was in the beginning stages of my transition & had no surgeries, maybe a few sessions of laser hair removal but that was about it. Later on, as I slowly entered into the world of adult entertainment, things such as phone sex, webcam & Escorting I saw that it helped if you had some XXX movies out as it was another way to market myself. I just really enjoy filming & taking pics and in a small way that time, it helped me validate my transition and feel more comfortable transitioning. I know that for some it can be the opposite but one thing I have learned over the years is that NOT everyone has the same story or experience when transitioning.

As I got more into it I started to see  I was serious, I invested in nice lingerie & some Costumes of fetish wear. I started having a friend who had a professional camera take my photos & also invested in better quality lighting, phone to film, and bring better quality to my pics and vids. Finally, I was approached by Grooby for my 1st Professional Solo Photo & Video shoot, It was in Nov. of 2015. Until then I just considered myself a professional amateur starlet, but with a major company giving me an opportunity, I felt very proud & accomplished as many major Trans women before me had started with Grooby. I was on there then called now called After that it was a few years later I got a 2nd chance to film with another known company once called now called that was another Solo photo & video shoot and again feeling very honored and happy to have my 2nd professional credit under my belt. That was in Sep. of 2018 I believe. I have been approved to come back to do another Grooby Shoot but due to COVID that is on hold so in meantime, I’m still producing my own content. 

2.  How did you come up with the name Lisa Lovely?

So I was actually on an escort tour with a very good friend of mine who was also in the industry, she doesn’t like being called out so I will respect that but she showed me a lot about this adult world since I was fresh & didn’t really have anyone to help me. I was doing things by trial & error and just what made sense to me. She told me if you’re going to be in this industry you need a name that people can associate with you and is easy to remember. At the time I always got complimented that my face looks innocent and very sweet so I was calling myself at the time Ts SweetFace. She was like girl, no one is going to remember that and she taught me about branding and marketing myself, and if I was to take this seriously and really try to make it a business for myself I needed an actual name.
So we were in the car and I was driving us from Atlanta to Tampa and it just hit me. I looked at her and I said What about Ts Lisa Lovely??!! She was like you know what that works and the fact that the 1st and last name both start with an “L” it rolls off the tongue and is easy to remember.

Okay, so not all that back story LOL. let’s break it down. My legal 1st name is Lisette I am Puerto Rican & from Queens, NY. On the phone every time someone asked me my name I would say Lisette & they would here I guess Lisa…, It was very fucking annoying to me and to this day I get that on the phone all time. So in my head, I was like what would be a good 1st name & that just popped into my mind so I was like LISA! Then as I mentioned earlier I was calling myself ts sweet face and I wanted something to pay homage to that in a way and when in my head I was like Lisa… Lisa… oh Lisa Lovely. to me sweetface, innocence I felt well Lovely was like another way of saying sweetface of prettyface or LOVELY face. So when I said it out loud we were both like that’s perfect & felt like it still fit me & went with who I was & I feel the most important thing when you’re talking about branding and marketing yourself you need to identify with your Character/ Stage persona. If not then personally I feel that it just won’t gel. So that is how Ts Lisa Lovely came to be. 

3.  What are your measurements?

Well with no Heels I’m 5`10 & half. Currently a very Fluffy 239Lbs LOL. 42DD tits, 6in cut she-cock.

4.  How do you feel being identified as a “BBW” TS Model?

Well, look when I see postings that a lot of models put nowadays I think that some are way to damn sensitive to be in the type of industry. I respect that everyone is allowed to feel how they want but at the end of the day it just is what it is and I keep it moving. I AM a BBW TRANS MODEL I’m fat. LOL Not putting myself down I feel I carry it well & most people get surprised when they ask my weight and I tell them but the fact that I am tall I guess carries well but at end of the day I am a BBW and I’m fine with it. Also, I see it for purposes of marketing, and using hashtags BBW is a category and a category that does well. Some get offended and to be honest me seeing BBW girls in the trans adult world and cis helped me to feel more comfortable in my own skin and just own who I was and that the fact that I’m a BBW is just a physical identifier and I am WAYYY more than that at the end of the day so I’m not bothered as I as a person am made up of more amazing things than just that and I don’t need anyone to tell me so. 

5.  You were recently nominated for “Trans Performer of the Year” at the BBWAwards show, how did that make you feel?

I am 1st of all humbled & honored the fact that any award show has even looked at my work & felt it was worthy to be along with the other trans women in my category. I believe this is my 3rd nomination so that in itself is exciting & cool. Truth be told that fact that this is a mainly Cis gendered award show and they are including the BBW Trans woman makes me feel happy & respected that I am a Woman just as you just of trans experience and that’s it, no more or less. So I applaud them for paving the way for more shows and sites to include us and know that we are part of the community. I wish luck to all my fellow girls and end of the day the fact if I win or don’t make any difference to me in the sense that I appreciate to be nominated but the fact is if any of the girls in my category wins they are winning for all the BBW TRANS girls. I know this sounds corny but I truly feel its a feather in all our caps. It’s us being more visible as BBW is becoming more mainstream no matter trans or cis. We have always been sought after its only now more visible & not as frowned on IMO. 

6.  What fan platforms can readers find you on?

Well for getting my content in different forms are: email for direct inquiries [email protected]

 Twitter: @Ts_LisaLovely

Snapchat: tslisalovely (it’s free)

Tumblr: for my phonesex & webcam listings $10 a month  where my vids can be purchased pay per view for those who don’t care for subscription sites

7.  What can members expect when they subscribe to your JustFor.Fans?

 They can expect to see lots of HD quality pics & vids. I do offer a lot of Full-length vids usually average of 13-16 min vids and even some of my smaller vid clips are 5mins or more. I do try to post as often as possible and I do engage with my audience. I am a vers trans girl. So I love to top & bottom and very Oral, kiss, rim mutual suck, etc. So there is a very wide range of content seeing me in different lights that will appeal to most men who enjoy trans content. I have things like me topping, me bottoming, Fetish, Dom, Foot fetish, Outdoors, solo jerk off scenes as I don’t take hormones so I am able to produce nice loads for my vids. Also, I have very trusted film actors I know personally so for those that like raw and bareback I do offer those vids and creampies and cum facials so I mean I cover a lot and as of this interview, I have over 150 Vids/Vid clips & over 1300 Pics so all that for $10 is a hell of a steal IMO. 

8.  What really turns you on and what turns you off?

Turn On’s: Men who make me laugh and can be silly. Men who don’t just treat me as a fetish or object. Men who can be seen with me in public 12 pm no makeup just as I am and not give a *uck! I’m a simple girl and don’t require much. Now sexually I LOVEEEE a great makeout kiss session. I could do that all night and nothing else. A guy who finds my spot and works it till I’m begging to stop or cum LOL. Hint my spot is my ears, neck hehe. 

Turn Off’s: Bad hygiene, rude, ignorant, assumes without asking me. Just because I’m a sex worker you feel you can treat me however you want because you may have seen it in my vids. Not knowing how to tell the difference between me as a person and Lisa lovely as a persona! Assume I will put up with your bullshit because I’m trans and not many men want tgirls, so we have to take scraps of men and be happy. Not me! I have self-worth & confidence. I’m not a teenager who will fall for that bull. 

9.  Describe a day off for Lisa?

Watching Hulu, most likely my fav show of all time Golden Girls. Talking on the phone with few close friends and to be honest even on a day off I”M NEVER OFF. I’m a New Yorker and it’s instilled in my blood is hustlek, hustle, and hustle, even if its just returning emails or answering questions or engaging with my fans/followers on social media. I’m always working. Some days are just more full than others. But ideally relaxing at my place, seeing my family, and just overall having peace and be thankful for what I have.

10.  If you could work with any Adult Actor who and why?

There are 2 hot FTM actors I love to work with and have discussed were just sadly not in the same area and one is Dicky Johnson & other is RudeboyRoman. Very sexy men and I have never been with a Trans guy and I would love to as I view them as very sexy men and would love to bring that Trans on Trans content to my fans! 

11.  What is your favorite food? 

CHICKEN! Fried, Baked, Pan Friend, Fried… did I mentioned Fried LOL 

12.  When is the last time you watched Porn and what did you watch?

I watched some porn on Xhamster yesterday to get motivated to be hard for a webcam show. It was a gangbang. Lots guys on a cis girl. So hot. I picture that I’m the girl they are doing that with..

13.  What is something that fans should NOT message you when reaching out via email or on social media?

What I really hate is when you are hitting me up to ask about someone else. Listen I have friends and work colleagues and I adore them and of course, love to promote other fellow girls but also at the end of the day I am my MAIN attraction. I am the talent, the agent, the marketer I have to wear all these different hats and work damn hard so when you hit me up asking do I know this and that about a girl… DUDE get some fucking balls and ask them. I am not their secretary nor do I take their messages. It pisses me off. Not because of competition cause I am a firm believer that what God has in store for you is for you and no one can take that away. However, I am busting my ass by myself and you want me to take time to answer your questions about someone else. NOPE and not even bother to be like hello Lisa how are you… I mean damn give me at least a hello. Other than that I’m very open with all my fans. I like to answer everyone as I can. Just be respectful and not a douche lol I know sounds simple but for some… HA 

14.  Your favorite perfume?
I have a few but as of late my go-to is Jimmy Choo perfume is very affordable and has a nice soft scent

15.  What would you like to leave the readers with? 

I would love to leave you with this. I AM HUMAN & I AM MORE THAN WHAT YOU SEE ON A SCREEN!
Now that is all caps because I want you to know that there are some sides of Lisa Lovely that are who I am day in and out but a bigger part of who I am is not the person you see sucking cock and taking it. I’m proud of that but I am someone’s daughter, sister, aunt, niece, best friend, I have bad days and get sad and depressed like most people. I have fears, I have dreams I haven’t made come true yet, I am a hopeless romantic despite all the horror I have seen working in the sex industry. I remain hopeful not for a perfect man as I am not perfect myself but for my prince charming that was designed just for me his flaws and all. So what I am saying is, See me more than just my body and someone that gets you off. See me as a person who wants and is deserving of LOVE and to share my love and heart because is what HUMANS yearn for, at least this one! 

If you read all of the babble I thank you from the bottom of my heart as I am a talker LOL anyone who knows me personally will tell you. Wendy, I can’t thank you enough for the opportunity to do this interview. I thank you for always showing me kindness and being a real true inspiration that you can have longevity in this field and there is more to do when the camera is off and the time has come to move on to the next chapter. You have paved the way for so many of us and I thank you beyond words and hope you know that as not just a performer but as a human being you have more than out done yourself and God is blessing you for all the blessings you have shown us. Thank you my sweet!

xoxo Lisa Lovely