Sofia Bun Interview

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1.  How did you come up with the name Sofia Bun?

I knew I wanted Bun to be a part of the name because of my love for bunnies I got from when I’d spend every afternoon sitting by this lake where I ended up making a cute wild bunny friend. Thinking I needed to pick a good first name because I’m “so fine a bun” I got Sofia Bun, just dropping the ne.

2. What got you started in your adult career?

I’d seen some trans porn but I didn’t actually know what a trans girl was, I thought they were really lucky pretty girls who were born that way and I was confused why I hadn’t heard of them. I didn’t realize I could be a trans girl, still it helped me feel better about loving my more feminine traits like my pretty blonde hair. Trans porn was my first exposure to trans girls existing, and transitioning has been the best thing to ever happen to me, so maybe through porn I can inspire someone else like I was.

3.  How would you describe your sexuality?

 Bi or pan maybe? I prefer girls and especially trans girls but getting fucked by guys can feel really good too.

4. How was it working with Superstar Monster Ramon?

I was a little worried at first because of just how big he is, once he got it in though I really enjoyed it.


5.  What sexually really gets you going?

I love how I drip cum now when I get turned on, it’s amazing and seeing it only gets me more turned on, I also loved being choked while I’m being fucked, and being cummed inside of.

6.  What is some fun hobbies you have when cameras are off?

I love going to different state and local parks to explore nature, I go on hikes where I try to take pictures of all the pretty plants and animals I see. Finding a shady spot to sit and relax for a while is the best!

7.  What makes you feel sexy?

Feeling cute makes me feel sexy, things like my pretty blonde hair and bunny earrings, colorful eyeshadow, and a cute pair of panties…. Also bunny ears omfg

8.  If you could shoot any xxx scene what would it be?

 An intimate scene with another trans girl with a beautiful nature background.

9.  What social media sites can fans find you on?

My Twitter is @Sofia_Bun

10.  What would you like your fans to know or leave them with? 

I’m so happy to see when people are enjoying my content.  

Here are some rapid questions:  You prefer

1.  Rimming or Kissing? Kissing

2. Makeup or Wash face? Just eye makeup most days

3.  Soda or Pop? Soda

4.  Lube or Spit? Lube, lots of it!

5. Swallow or Spit? Swallow, though I prefer the cum in my butt

6.  Facebook or Instagram? Twitter

7.  Thong or Boy Shorts?  Boy shorts look cute on my butt

8.  Snow or Beach?  Snow, because I’ve always been near the beach

9.   Night or Morning Sex? Night Sex

10.  Leather or Lace? Lace makes me feel pretty!